Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Miracle

Just when you think you can't take it any more, God's amazing grace kicks in and a miracle occurs. You get a second wind or the baby takes a nap (praise Jesus) or your neighbor calls and is bringing dinner tonight. I love how you get beautiful moments of grace that sustain you through tough times. Kenly had a really rough night last night, and I thought I might fall apart today, but I keep finding these pockets of grace. Pat and Kit, our neighbors, are bringing dinner tonight, and Adam is staying home with me tomorrow which means I'll have backup if she has another rough night.

I called the doctor again today about Kenly's reflux because I don't see great improvement. He suggested I pump and feed Kenly a bottle with a teaspoon of rice cereal mixed in. I don't have peace with this advice, so I'm going to hold off a few days. She's still having the right amount of diapers, so I know she's getting enough food. I just want to be able to breastfeed for a full year and I don't want to do it by pumping and giving my child a bottle. I'd like to skip the middle man that makes me really feel like a cow. Kenly is much more efficient and gentle than the Medela pump (not that I'm ungrateful...tons of women don't have the option to pump).

The princess stirs, so I'm off to rescue her from the big bad reflux least the best I can. Being a mom is hard because you can't fix all the pain and that make you feel helpless.


John said...

Have you thought about propping up one end of her crib and inch or two? We did that with our son (due to constant head colds), and it worked wonders for his ability to sleep. Doesn't have to be much, and inch or two on one end can work wonders.

Jennaug10 said...

You are right, it is so tough when you can't fix every ache and pain. When we dealt with thrush for a month and a half thst was awful because it hurt Makayla's mouth so bad it took her forever to eat. You are right about not everyone being able to pump let alone breastfeed! I wanted to so badly but couldn't. I did get to pump some, and it does make you feel more like a cow.