Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look What I Can Do?

Kenly and I are adjusting to each other and life at home with each passing day. It is so much fun to see glimpses of her personality...she going to be a hoot when it is all said and done. I'll be chasing her around before too much longer. After Jason and Paula's visit, Kenly started acting very uncomfortable, so I took her to the doctor. It turns out she has reflux. We've been on the medicine now for about five days, and I don't see a ton of improvement. She still wakes suddenly after a nap, she's still drooling, and the spit up is in a word, gross. I just want her to feel better soon for both our sakes. She did shock the pants off me the other day by sleeping from 8:00 pm-4:30am. My poor body didn't know what to do, so even though I could have slept, I couldn't. I kept check my watch thinking...aren't you ready to eat yet? Mommy really needs you to eat. But, I guess the girls will adjust to that as she starts to sleep through the night more often. Oh the adventures in breastfeeding.

Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie came to visit this weekend and we had loads of fun at an apple orchard and watching football. They cooked some awesome meals, and Uncle Travis even changed a poopy diaper. This is an amazing feat and should be marked in the record books as remarkable. Aunt Carrie read Eight Little Monkeys, and taught us a trick that produces instant smiles if Kenly isn't hungry at the time. We had a blast and we were thankful for the time with family. Mom and Dad came up and loved on Kenly as well. The help just keeps pouring in. It looks like we are going to be on our own for awhile now, but that is okay. I've learned to deal with little sleep and Kenly has learned to cry just a little if I need to attend to pressing matter like going to the bathroom or eating a meal.

Here are a few videos...they won't have sound because my little camera is stupid and I haven't figured out how to hook the big one to the computer yet (I have to take baby steps--pun intended). One is of Aunt Carrie's instant fun trick. One is of football fun with Daddy, and the other is her playing on her adored Baby Einstein mat. I hope this works. Oops...looks like I can only do one per post. Just enjoy her toothless grin.

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Tiff said...

Oh my... she is growing! She just keeps getting more beautiful!
I hope we can see you sometime. We miss you! Plus, I want to hold that little Kenly :)