Friday, June 13, 2014


I have been so behind in blogging, but today the desire to record a special occasion has made me want to break my silence.   In August 2013, Kenly started Kindergarten.  I could hardly believe that she was old enough to leave me for the whole day, and yet I knew she was ready!  These are the picture from her first day of Kindergarten.
She was all decked out in her Tinkerbell backpack and her Tinkerbell lunchbox.
The bag was as big as she was.
She took in her "All About Me" poster and that was the end of it....I became the mother of a child in the public school system.
She looked so small but so confident walking down that hall on the first day....paces ahead of me.

She found her name and settled into her table.
FAST FORWARD 177 school this morning.  She's grown inches, learned loads, and lost three teeth in the process.  Her report card came home yesterday, and I am now the mother of a FIRST GRADER.  Kenly ended the school year with all satisfactory marks on her report card.  She is on grade level for all tested skills.  She's always been gifted in verbal realms, but her report card proves that we were not just proud parents.

She's is above grade level in writing and reading.

1st Quarter Reading Level--B
2nd Quarter Reading Level--C
3rd Quarter Reading Level--D
4th Quarter Reading Level--G

She was only expected to end the year on Level D.  I'm amazed to hear her read these day.

She looks so grown up now.
Corah wants to go to school with Kenly every day.   She would if I would let her.
I can't believe how much this picture shows she has grown....
Touching her name on the class list one more time.
This is Mrs. Bader.  She was an answer to prayer.  She challenged and encouraged this child who strives to be "perfect"  to make mistakes.  To try her write without fear of making an error.  When Kenly mastered a group of sight words, she let her move on.  By the time it was all said and done, KS was practicing the second grade sight words.
Mrs. Maltby.  The best assistant in the world.  She made Kenly feel loved and adored every day.  She made school safe.
Corah settles right into a center every time we visit the classroom.
This is Jane, one of Kenly's friends from school.  Every time we visited Kenly, Jane came to say hello and ask about our "baby."
Can you tell she LOVES her teachers?
I'm a little proud of her accomplishment.  I wanted to shock her, so I decorated the van for pick up this afternoon.  One day this will embarrass the snot out of her, so for now, I'm going to wave my proud Mama fly high.  

Corah and I came home from dropping her off and cooked a cookie cake to celebrate school being out for summer.  Hopefully Adam and Kenly will be surprised.
I am so proud of my little family...excuse me while I gloat.  I just can't help myself.

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