Saturday, June 8, 2013

Edisto Beach/Spring Break--Part 1

We love Edisto Island, SC.  I would spend every spring break for the rest of my life walking slowly along the shore searching for fossilized sharks teeth.  I love the slow pace and the peace and quiet.  Last year we rented Sea for Ava.  Renting a house was new to us, but the thought of sharing a pop up with two small children for a week seemed a bit daunting.  Call me chicken.  Go ahead.  I'll wear that title proudly.  This year we rented a house on the sound called El Capitano.  The porch was heavenly.  The yard divine.  The beach was a constant source of entertainment.  Nana, Papa, and Grandma came with us for the entire week.  Travis and Carrie joined us for the last part of the week.

Corah loved looking out the window.  If she wasn't outside, she wanted to be looking outside. 
Grandma was a good sport, and she let Kenly give her a manicure.  Since I don't trust her with real nail polish yet, she had to be okay with using markers.
The finished product--RAINBOW NAILS.
Nana and Papa gave Kenly a book that included several Fancy Nancy stories.  Since the weather was cold in the beginning of the week, Kenly had no problem snuggling up with Nana and reading it cover to cover.

Then she challenged her Daddy to a quick game of cards. 
And a little later, she got Daddy to read her a few Fancy Nancy stories.
We were able to watch the sunset every night while we were there.  If it was too cold to be outside enjoying it, this was out view from the dining room table.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.
Kenly wanted a closer view, so she snuggled up with Daddy on the screened porch.

I'm not sure who was happier in this picture.

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