Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loot, 15 Months, and the Pup

Kenly had a wonderful Valentine's Day party at Creative Beginnings. She came home with a paper bag full of loot. She loved looking at every card and counting out her candy. Her favorite prize--a Barbie tattoo. She loved this tattoo so much that she managed to keep in on her arm for almost two weeks. Adam and I decided that her skin needed to breathe, so off it came with a bit of scrubbing during a bubble bath.
Adam and I gave her some Piggy Paint Polish as part of her Valentine's Day gift.  She loves it!  We wanted to see if having pretty manicured nails would help her keep her hands out of her mouth.  We have seen some improvement, but she is still struggling with picking her lips and biting her nails.  Baby steps.

These pictures are from February 21st--Croah's 15 month birthday.  I thought she looked adorable in this outfit, so I took quite a few pictures.  These are some of my favorites.
Corah has a mouth full of teeth.  In fact, I think she only needs to cut four more.  One of those is working its way in right now. 
Hello adorable cheeks.  I want to squeeze you.  

Corah loves shoes.  LOVES shoes.  She carries them around and asks for me to put them on her feet.  I can't understand this.  I would go barefoot all year if I could.  My shoes are the first thing I shed when I walk in the house.

Corah likes to have snack in her chair.  Since this picture, she started using a sippy cup most of the time. 

Chance, do you have any idea how much you are loved?  Chance is the best dog in the universe--hands down.  He's finally starting to show his age a bit, but every now and then, we catch a glimpse of the mischievous pup that he is at heart.  I love this dog!  He is so good with the girls. 

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