Monday, February 18, 2013

Crafts, Hands On, MLK Christmas, and Sight Word BINGO

Every winter since she could hold a brush, Kenly has been painting coffee filter snowflakes to hang on the sliding glass doors.  This year was no exception.  This craft never gets old for me or her.  What makes it even more fun is that the finished product can hang on the windows for months during the winter.
We have a membership to Hands On in Hendersonville.  We haven't used it as much this year because I've found it hard to schedule a visit around nap times, preschool, and lunch.  Both girls have a blast every time we go, so I need to take them a few more times between now and March when our pass expires.
Kenly loves to play cashier in the market.
Corah carried a potted plant around the entire building. 

Kenly is reading the X-rays to determine if she's interested in becoming a "pet doctor."
Kenly is growing like a weed.  If she keeps growing at this rate, she'll be able to ride the Ferris wheel and the swings at the fair in the fall.
We went during curiosity week.  Kenly was asked to record what she is curious about on a banana for a wall in the birthday room.  She quickly wrote down God.  It made my heart smile.  I hope her curiosity to learn about Him never wanes. 
Kenly had fun teaching Corah about big bubbles.  She was even able to make one float around the room.  I've been trying for years, and I still can't do it. 
I wish I had captured Corah's wonder while Kenly was blowing bubbles.  Priceless.
Corah had fun terrorizing the rice table. 
She loved grabbing handfuls of rice and dropping the grains on the floor.  After a quick clean up, we left for "neater" pastures. 
I tagged the chalkboard wall with a message near and dear to my heart.  Because it is 100% true, even when they are driving me completely mad.
Kenly gave some love to the babies in the nursery. 
Corah decided she would rather rock herself than a baby.

She also likes living dangerously. 
Kenly decided that she was going to have three babies.  I wonder if this is a glimpse into my future. 
She can finally ride the bike.  She was thrilled that she could finally make the display light up this time.
Over MLK weekend, we headed to Augusta for a Burkett Christmas.  It was a whirlwind visit, but we had a really good time.  Kenly is showing off her fancy new purse. 
Kenly loved giving out all our homemade, ghetto-fabulous Christmas decorations.  She gave out homemade sugar scrub, cinnamon ornaments, and our handmade hand print and footprint ornaments.  I can finally post the pictures now that everyone has received their gifts.  I wish I had a picture of the finished hand print and footprint ornaments.  They turned out really cute.

Corah got a few toys that are her very own.  I think she's happy to have something that Kenly can't claim at all.
Present opening wore her out.  She kept having to take rests on the carpet in the middle of paper piles.
Everyone had fun playing with Corah's new farm. 
Uncle Travis bought a few lottery tickets for everyone.  Grandma is not into gambling, but I think I saw her get excited when she thought she won $75.00.  We might have had a convert.
Adam and I had fun scratching off our ticket.
Nana won.
We won.  We had three winning tickets.  I think the biggest prize was $2.00.
Corah really loved her farm.  Nana and Papa bought it from one of my old BSU friends. 
For a moment, a "Christmas" miracle occurred, and they actually played together without someone crying.
Grandma loved her present from us.  It is always great when a present gets the open mouth gape.  All we did was make a small brag book, but you can bet I will be doing it again.

Nana and Papa taught us a valuable lesson while the girls were riding the four-wheeler.  Kenly shared her riding time with her sister.  She supported her and kept her safe.  Corah had a blast.  We didn't praise the good behavior, but we were quick to reprimand when she got off to rescue  Benny Bunny.  Corah fell off and busted her lip.  She needed to be reminded that she can't leave her sister hanging, but we should have been better about sandwiching that between praise.  Grandparents have a lot to teach us.  They have the perspective of years past.  And I'm listening...

Corah loves hanging out with her big sister.  She wants to be just like Kenly.

I love this picture.  It makes my heart smile.  It was Adam's idea.  He's pretty cool like that.

The farm is still a big hit.  Corah plays with it every day.  She's also a bit protective of it.  She storms over and fusses when she finds Kenly playing with it.  This is a learned behavior.  Kenly taught her everything she knows about hogging toys.

Kenly and I started playing sight word bingo.  We use some of Grandma's old button collection to cover the spaces.  Kenly loves challenging herself.  We have four different cards that cover all of the sight words she will learn in kindergarten. 

She hates it when she has to work to read the words. 

I love watching her absorb information.  

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