Thursday, April 19, 2012

December 2011

Since I'm so far behind, I'm not going to bother putting all of Decembers pictures in chronological order.  So...

Nana took all the Burkett ladies, all four generations to have pedicures while we were home for Christmas.  My 88 year old grandmother had never had a pedicure in her whole life.  It was fun to watch Kenly and Grandma enjoy a first.

Aunt Carrie was there too.
Grandma, Nana and Kenly all getting pampered at T & Tran nails in Evans, GA.
A first I thought Kenly was just going to get her nails polished, but she got the whole works...even the leg massage.  I also turned her loose when it was time to select her polish.  She picked blue.  Adam was in Texas visiting Walt and Frosty while all this was going on, but I sent him a text with a warning that Kenly selected bright blue polish. 
Grandma liked her pedicure so much that she even got a manicure.  Mama even convinced her to have her brows waxed while she was there.  A true day of beauty.
Mommy and Kenly toes.
Grandma and Kenly comparing polish.
The finished product included snowmen stickers and glitter.  Kenly even walked out with bright purple polish for use on a later date.
Kenly didn't want to play along, so this is not a great picture, but we all had beautiful toes.
Kenly helped Nana give Corah a bottle.  Corah beat me up pretty bad when her reflux was at its worst.  She wouldn't keep a latch.  So, I pumped for a bit to allow myself time to heal.  Everyone in Georgia enjoyed giving her a bottle, and I enjoyed pain free feedings.
Nana found one of our old books...The Smells of Christmas.  Kenly loved it.  If someone wasn't reading it to her, she was "reading" it to herself or to Corah.
I also got to see Leanne for a bit.  I was able to introduce her to Corah and meet Caroline in person for the first time.  We learned how hard it is to get five children to look at the camera.
Adam returned from Texas after watching the Texans play the Panthers.  He was even a part of a skit on the field...Frosty is Torro.  Poor man came back with a killer head cold.
We all went to Lights of the South.  Kenly and Corah sat on Santa's lap.  Kenly was beside herself with excitement.  She wrote him a letter this year explaining that she would be in Evans on Christmas Eve.  She didn't want to miss out. 

I love this one.  She was telling him that she wanted a baby doll.  She never plays with baby dolls, so that request floored me.  For awhile, she wouldn't tell us what she wanted.

As we were on the hayride looking at the lights, the rains came and we all go a little wet.  It was still a beautiful sight.
We went to Washingtons Commons to see Grandma play Christmas music on the hand bells.  The music was beautiful.
Grandma was responsible for ringing the yellow bells. 
On Christmas Eve, we went to Travis and Carrie's house for family Christmas.  My brother made that fantastic door.
The weather was incredibly mild, so we did a great deal of playing outside.  Kenly loved having Daddy home.
Corah enjoyed being held by Grandma.  See her beautifully manicured nails?

This is one of my all time favorite football loving fanatics.

Papa got out a BB gun for people to play with. 
Uncle Travis grilled a Boston Butt all day long, and I can't begin to tell you how amazing it tasted.
We tried to rig Kenly up a place to nap, be she couldn't stop playing peek-a-boo with everyone long enough to sleep.
Corah, still in newborn coma, slept most of the time.  Her sweet baby acne matched her shirt. 
Gotta love baby hands.
What's not to love about Aunt Carrie and Uncle Travis's land?
Chance got a bit of Christmas love from Uncle Travis as well.  Sometimes I think he would trade us in for Travis and Carrie and then I remember that SC is hot and the bugs are maybe he would trade us until spring rolled around.
Papa helped Kenly shoot the BB gun.  The BB gun looks a lot like a handgun.  It make me think that TLC should drop Toddler and Tiaras for Toddlers and Handguns.  I jest.  I jest.
Don't mess with her Benny Bunny.  She's packing heat.
Never fear.  There was plenty of talk about gun safety and never touching a gun unless an adult has granted permission.  This talk will continue...We live in an area where gun ownership is prevalent, and I want her to know that it is never okay to play with guns.
Is your mouth watering?  Mine is just thinking about how delicious this meal was.
Santa got Kenly's letter and was sure to deliver her presents to Evans, GA.  She got a bathrobe, a LeapPad Explorer and game, a puzzle, bedroom slipper, and hopscotch rug, and some princess bubble bath.  Her stocking was stuffed with a few trinkets.  Santa left her a note explaining that the LeapPad was only to be used while Mama nursed Corah. I'll never forget the kindness Matthew Jennings showed when he helped Santa find an extra LeapPad Explorer.  Santa didn't realize they were having production issues, and Matthew knew just where Santa's elves had hidden one away.
One of her favorite stocking stuffers was her very own peppermint Tic Tacs.  I swear she squealed like she won the lottery.  Simple Pleasures.
Reading the letter Santa left her.
Santa gave Corah a lovey and some diapers.  The lovey is a Bunnies by the Bay lovey blanket.  I don't know why, but I've started calling it Boo Bear.  Only time will tell if she really likes it.

It didn't take Kenly long to figure out the LeapPad.  I think kids are born knowing how to work technology now.  Just yesterday, Corah tried to work the mouse while were were watching a few old videos of Kenly on the computer.  Insane.
Corah's Christmas outfit. 
Growing up we always had a Happy Birthday Jesus cake.  Nana made sure the tradition continued.
I don't remember who caused all the commotion in this pictures, but I'm sure it had to do with one of Corah's explosive bodily functions.
Kenly loved showing off all the cool stuff on her LeapPad. 
Corah got a few peaceful snuggles with Uncle Travis.
Chance made sure he didn't miss out on all the love.  He's always right beside Aunt Carrie. 
All the ladies did a little crafting.  Aunt Carrie supplied foam balls, MP, and fabric scraps that we used to make Christmas ornaments.  I'm still not done with mine because I'm a slacker like that.  Every time I'm home I forget to bring it back to finish it.

Grandma had a great time making her ornament.
The finished product will be beautiful.  Carrie picked the most amazing fabric for the project.
Corah got acquainted with her new friend.  Oh...see that blanket?  I now think it is magic.  She has to have it to sleep.  Or maybe I just think she needs it.   I need to find about six more that feel just like it.  Thanks LAP for finding the most amazing baby blanket.

For the most part, Kenly doesn't want much to do with Corah (even five months).  But on rare occasions, I can see the sister bond forming and it warms my heart.  It is my prayer that they will be best friends.  I want them to be thick as thieves even if it means they may conspire against us when they are teenagers. 

Grandma finally got her hands on Corah.  Once she did, she didn't want to let go.  This was their first meeting.  I think it was love at first sight.
Grandma at T & Tran nails getting her very first pedicure.
Kenly's favorite part of the pedicure was watching the water change colors.  My favorite part of the pedicure experience was watching everyone else enjoy theirs.

Kenly helped Nana wrap a few presents.  I love that her tongue sticks out when she is concentrating really hard.
She also helped Nana bake a few Christmas goodies.
A few more Grandma/Corah Beth snuggles.  I can't believe how small she looks in this picture.  She's almost five months now, and I'm amazed by how much she has already grown.

Is there anything more adorable than a yawning baby?

Uncle Travis managed to get some snuggles as well.  

Kenly loves her Aunt Carrie.  While we were home for this trip, she spent the night at Travis and Carrie's house.  It was her first official sleep over.  She's still talking about it.  

Hello cutie!  I could just fall into those blue eyes. And those cheeks...there just aren't words to describe the beauty  of those cheeks.


Lindsey said...

Kenly is off-the-charts cute, oh my!!
I want to snuggle with that sweet baby (and then give her back to you, because I am so done with that!).
Natalee was never a blankie kid, but Olive is a super blanket snuggler... Hope you can find another as magical as the first:-)

Tiff said...

Precious, precious, precious. It gets me so excited about the arrival of our little one. AND to get a pedicure. I've never had one either! LOL