Thursday, October 27, 2011

Duck Chasing--Part Deux

When Nana and Papa were here last, Kenly and I took them to Patton Park so that they could experience the thrill of duck chasing first hand. Video footage is one thing, but seeing the action live can't be topped.

Kenly is all smiles when it come to duck chasing.
Here I am on 9/22/11.  Looks like I've swallowed a basketball.  You can imagine how big I am now since almost a month has passed.
Papa let Kenly pick a few "cherries" out of the tree.
And of course there was duck chasing.  I helped chase for awhile, but my belly tends to hinder serious speed, so Papa took over. 
They managed to chase all the ducks into a small creek nearby. 

After they has successfully scared all the feathered friends into the creek, they took a break to survey their handiwork. 

I think they are both proud. 

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