Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Parkway Picnic

As part of Adam's birthday month celebration, we took a picnic to the Blue Ridge Parkway to catch a sunset. Due to bad weather we could only access one overlook, so we decided to make it work. We ate a yummy Hawg Wild barbecue dinner and then Kenly was off to the races. She ran all over the parking lot.

Here is a unique family photo--Kenly is on Adam's shoulders and they are making a huge K. Then there is me and our lovely pooch. I love shadow portraits.
After it got chilly, we hopped in the back of my car to watch the sunset.
Never fear, Chance is never far from the action.

I would love to say that the sunset was truly this vibrant, but sadly no. Lightroom can do wonders for a dull sunset picture.
Kenly trying to bite her Daddy's glove.

We always enjoy our picnic on the parkway. Adam and I have had this tradition for years. Kenly started joining us right away. She went on her first parkway picnic when she was only two months old.

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