Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Kenly and I recently discovered HandsOn, a children's museum in downtown Hendersonville. The museum has a full grocery store, a crafting area, a post office, and tons more for the kids to explore. We met our friends there an a rainy day expecting to be underwhelmed, and we visited the museum the very next Saturday and bought an annual pass. Kenly is enamored.

She loved racing the car down the Lego Raceway.
I had to beg her to go explore more of the building after she spent at least 35 minutes playing at the rice table. I really need to make the child a large sensory bin that she can play in for hours. It would make cooking dinner so much easier.

There is a hand washing station that is kid friendly. I think I saw her wash her hands at least 12 time during our three hour visit.
She enjoyed playing with the pendulum.
She baked an apple pie in the bakery.

She even experimented with balls and chutes.
One of her favorite places to hang out is in the grocery store. She also likes making delicious meals at the cafe.

She learned a little about skeletons by examining the x-rays of several types of critters.

She's making me a yummy concoction at the cafe.

I love watching my budding artist create a masterpiece.
She spent a good deal of time in the Baby Place rocking the babies while listing to lullabies from around the world.

The girl loves speed...must me her Papa coming out in her.

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