Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

Back in January we had yet another snow, and I captured a few cute moments of playing outside in the white stuff.

Kenly loves eating snow. We have to watch her carefully to make sure she's getting the cleanest snow to sample. She does not have discerning taste right now. She doesn't know to beware of the yellow snow.

Kenly did a bit of solo sledding down our neighbor's drive but I'd taken the camera inside by that point. She enjoys having Mama and Daddy pull her down the street while she screams, "Faster. Faster. Go faster, horsey."
Daddy is much faster. I'm thinking of making a harness for Chance, but then again, maybe not.
I love this picture--the flying snow, the open mouth, the sheer excitement of sledding. Kenly's face really does mimic whoever she is sledding with at the time.

Mama is a conservative sledder. No fast rides with me. I like nice gentle glides that don't require bailing.
Kenly's making a snow angel. I don't know if Chance is trying to challenge her to play of trying to pull her from the snow.
Admiring a beautiful snow angel.
How do I know we had fun in the snow? If we have clothes, shoes, and mittens drying by the fire, we've had so much fun.

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the last photo and there is one with Kenly and her Daddy that is super cute on the sled....she is kind of squinting! Elle is not a fan. She finally walked through it this week and then went and sat on the driveway. SIGH!!! :-)