Saturday, February 26, 2011

Library Love

Kenly loves to visit the library. We have three libraries that we frequent. We refer to them as the big, medium, or small library. Hendersonville's main branch is fantastic for story time and for the vast selection of books that we have to chose from. The medium library is the Fletcher branch. Kenly loves this library for the puzzles and for Kate's park which is right outside the library doors. Finally, the small library is in Mills River. This library is the size of our living room, but it's quaint and she gets lots of individualized attention. She also loves to get a cup of water from the water tower that is hidden in the corner. Regardless of which library we visit, Kenly has a marvelous time. She does puzzles, she pulls books from the shelves with wild abandon, and she types on the computer "looking" for just the right book to take home. Our book bag is always bulging at the seams when we leave.

This is our friend Ava sharing a snack at the library. I love that Ava calls Kenly and me by saying "Kenly-Rhonda."
The Fletcher Library has a large book bin filled with board books. Kenly always finds a few to take home even though she's branching out into "big girl" books with real paper pages.
She's recently discovered that she can pull at chair up to the easy reader shelves and help herself to any book she wants.
We always have to preview the book to make sure that its not too long or difficult. If it were up to Kenly, we'd be bringing chapter books home.
She feels so grown up when she selects a book from the shelf that makes its way into the bag that goes home with us.
I can hear her saying, "Can we take this one home, Mama?"
I'm so thankful that we have so many quality libraries in our area. We never have a bad day at the library(Well, maybe the day she had an accident on the reading rug, but who's counting.).

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