Saturday, January 29, 2011

Split Ends Be Gone

Kenly, at two-and-a-half, has more hair that I had at five. I'm not kidding about that fact. Lately her hair is always in her face. Clips/barrettes, even the cute kind, don't last for more than about 20 minutes. She pulls them out and then they are MIA. She will tolerate pig tails on occasion, but most of the time she wants her hair down. She even gets peeved when I put my hair up.

The problem with letting her hair fly wild and free is the tangles that ensue once peanut butter and jelly meet with a day full of play and a nap time bird's nest of tangles.

But, I love a woman who knows what she wants. So for now, if she wants her hair down, she can have it down. I pick my battles. Thank you very much.

We'll just keep the split ends in check. Last Easter I took Kenly to Brandais to have her bangs trimmed so that I could see her eyes in all the cute Easter pictures. We've opted against bangs now, so I challenged Brandais to trim off the split ends. Brandais rocks.

When Kenly walked into the salon she said, "I'd like to get my hair cut."
She bravely told Brandais, "It won't hurt big much." So, we both explained that getting your hair cut doesn't hurt at all. Kenly loved watching all the women having their hair foiled. She proclaimed that one woman with a head full of foils was "very brave."

She sat in the chair all by herself and Brandais somehow managed to do a beautiful job of shaping her hair while Kenly wiggled and moved all about. I think Brandais is a rock star. I probably would have cut off Kenly's ear.

Kenly amazed me once again. She sat as still as a 2 year old can. She stole the show. She blew kisses to all the women as we left. How is it that always attracts an adoring audience wherever we go?

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Kenly is so pretty! We have not done a haircut yet but I think we are not too far off. Ella will tolerate the clips but no pigtails. I dream of a day of pigtails. It looks like Kenly did a great job there too:-) Kerri