Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Burkett Christmas in Athens, GA

The weekend before Christmas we headed to Athens, Ga to celebrate family Christmas at my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Joe's house. The whole gang was there when we first arrived, but due to illness Aunt Sherry and Ansley, along with Ethan and Ashlin, had to leave. It was so much fun to love on sweet Ashlin before she had to leave.
It was really good to see Aunt Sherry and my cousin Ansley. I haven't seen them in almost two years. Sad, but true.
Nana enjoyed loving on Ashlin as well. She was such an adorable little snuggle bug.
Kenly and Ashlin both opened a present before dinner. The both got cute little lanterns. Both girls loved them. Kenly's package had a cute dress in it as well.
She gave Grandma lots of love to thank her for such a super present.
When Ashlin had to leave, Kenly gave her a great big hug. She was a little too forceful and knocked poor Ashlin over.

Each of the big girls took a turn sitting in Nana's lap. Carrie took a turn first, and then Kenly and I snuggled with Nana a little later. You're never too old to sit in your mama's lap. At least that is what I've been told.
Kenly kept taking Grandma over to the present table. I think she would have opened every present if we would have allowed it.
Mama-Daughter snuggles.
When Kenly was allowed to rip into her presents, she didn't waste any time. She got this adorable pony set from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Travis.
She received some stickers and an adorable outfit from Grandma. As soon as it is warm enough, Kenly will rock this outfit in some pictures. Aunt Cathy helped Kenly open the box.
Here's a preview of the outfit. She's going to be smashing.
Aunt Cathy and Uncle Joe gave Kenly a huge stuffed caterpillar. Double the size of that package in length, and you'll have the size of the caterpillar. I think he's about 6 feet long.
She opened lots of goodies from Ansley and Aunt Sherry. One of the presents was this cute cat that purrs and meows.
She named her ponies Zsa Zsa and Butterfly. They have not lost their appeal.

We had a wonderful time with the family. It's always a shame that our visits are not longer.

And who knew that a 6 foot caterpillar would make such a lovely neck pillow for Kenly on the ride home?

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