Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brand Style Christmas--Take 2

I'm pressing on, determined to finish blogging about Christmas so that I can start writing about seasonally appropriate stuff like Valentine's Day. I feel like I'm stuck in the movie Groundhog's Day except instead of repeating the same day, I'm repeating the same blog. What can I say...we were blessed with a beautiful, full Christmas.

One of the puzzles Kenly received contained a fishing pole for catching the fishy pieces. She had more fun catching fish with Uncle Jason and throwing the various imaginary fish back into the ocean in our living room.
The day after Christmas people emerged to clear off snowed in cars. Mops found an oar in the basement and used it to free Traveler, her car.
Kenly enjoyed a few minutes to stretch her legs and run off some energy as well.
When Kenly got cold, we went inside for in impromptu art session.
During rest time, I needed some time away from the house and the hubbub of the holiday, so I grabbed the camera and set off for a walk through our neighborhood. I love the peace the snow bring to our area. We live 1.2 miles UP a knoll, so snow brings our neighborhood to a halt. See why we were trapped? We didn't get out of the house successfully until the Tuesday after Christmas. I say successfully because the men made it safely to the grocery store for some needed items, but they couldn't make it back up the hill. They had to hike with groceries. I love my fierce providers.
I had fun slowing down to take some artsy shots. I've had even more fun playing with those shots in Lightroom. I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied yet, but these are a few of my favorites from my "sanity" hike.

I love the way our house looks in the snow too.
One of our top memories from the Brand visit involved a gingerbread house kit. Pops brought one along because I requested it. We always go to the Grove Park gingerbread display, and it is amazing. This year I wanted Kenly to build her own before we visited to see the extravagance that can be created from edible ingredients. So began our adventure.

Kenly had more fun sneaking the candy for decorating the house than anything else. We kept finding her sticking her fingers in the icing too. I'm sure she'll be up for making another one next year.
Jason and Adam look so much alike in these photos that I almost have to look twice to see who is who. Uncle Jason helped decorate the roof after we "set" the foundation and walls.
How do I know my husband has talent? He can decorate a gingerbread house and watch a Green Bay Packers' game simultaneously.

Just as things started to look beautiful, the house started to slip and slide. How many sets of hands does it take to try and save a gingerbread house? Count for yourself.
I love how Chance is scouring for anything he can eat in this picture. He's always really attentive around Kenly and food.
It looks like our house was a victim of a mud slide or earthquake. The finished product lasted all of five minutes, but the process was so fun. We have miles to go and many techniques to learn before we can produce our own masterpiece for the Grove Park Inn.
Phew...I finished the Brand Christmas. Only one more celebration to detail.

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