Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flashback--Smith Mountain Lake, VA (October 2010)

I am so behind on blogging these days. Life has been busy and full of adventure. So, without further ado, I'll try and catch up. In October, we hopped in the car and drove about six hours to Smith Mountain Lake State Park in Virginia. We met Uncle Jason and Aunt Paula and our friends Seth and Erica from Baltimore. We've been to this middle ground twice before, but this was our first venture with children. Seth and Erica's daughter Maggie will be three in December, so she and Kenly were destined to get along. Maggie introduced Kenly to all things princess, and both girls had a time playing hide and seek with the men in their lives.

It was so good to get away and be with friends/family for a weekend. The weather was perfect and the company was sublime. Kenly enjoyed wetting a line again with her Daddy. I was too nervous to be the main fishing coach. I was sure she was going to fall in or blind me with the swinging hook, so Daddy took over so I could chill and take a few pictures.
She tried to be patient and hook one all by herself. Most of the time Adam hooked the fish and let her do all the "hard" work.
Chance went on high alert when Kenly had a fish on. I think he was protecting her from the fierce fish. I love that you can see his reflection in the water. Kenly reeled in the fish all by herself last time. Let's just say that it's a good thing bream are hearty fish.
There was great celebration every time she caught a fish using bread or cheese.
Chance got to check out her success as well. We didn't want to leave anyone out.

Daddy rescued every fish from the hook while Kenly looked on taking notes on how to do it all by herself.
She requested to kiss every fish before throwing it back. She was probably kissing the boo boo.
I think we have a true outdoors woman on our hands. I'm thrill by this.
She even threw some of the fish back herself without getting finned. The fish is the blur found halfway to the water.
After she caught one fish, she was hooked so the process started all over again.
We chased Chance through the woods.
We took a few boat rides in Mr. Seth's boat.
This is Seth, Maggie, and Erica. We don't hold their love for the Ravens against them.
We shared the responsibility of cooking all weekend. Jason and Paula cooked an amazing brunch on Sunday morning.
We did a bit of hiking as well. Hiking with a two year old is a thrilling experience. Treasure are uncovered around every corner. Rocks must be thrown into coves, and spontaneous games of chase break out. Kenly is giving her Daddy "treasure" in picture.
Maggie and Kenly both needed buckets to collect their loot.
Maggie is showing off some of her treasure in this picture.
Kenly hiked most of this loop all by herself. She walked most, but on occasion she'd chase her Daddy down the trail.
She loves running into his open arms.
I am a sucker for a good shadow picture. This is our most recent family picture.

This persimmon change possession several times. I think it was the most prized treasure of the day.
When she got too tired to walk any more, Daddy carried the princess so she could rest a little.
As we were leaving the trail, Kenly started yelling, "Look Daddy. Xylophones." We died laughing when we realized that she though the trail blazes were xylophones for playing music.
Erica brought pumpkins for us to carve and this year Kenly was old enough to design her pumpkin. She barked "orders" at Adam and he made her masterpiece come to life. Here is he finished product. She loved the pumpkin, but she loved playing with the cut out pieces even more.

We loved our retreat to Smith Mountain Lake, VA. We are thrilled about the prospect of meeting there for years to come.

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