Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching the Spirit

We're catching the Christmas Spirit around here. This past weekend I started listening to Christmas music in the car. It can't hurt, right? Our church was a drop off destination for Operation Christmas Child boxes, so Kenly and I decided to go shopping for other boys and girls who might not have as many things. Kenly picked out everything that went in our two boxes. She's has impeccable taste. After all, who better to know what a two year old wants than a two year old. We filled the boxes to the hygiene products, but we did manage to fit in a pair of sock. We printed off a picture of Kenly and one of our family and signed the card.

Both of our boxes are going to girls in the 2-4 year old range. I wonder why?
Look at Kenly's beautiful signature. She says, "That spells K-E-N-L-Y."
At times Kenly wanted to keep the boxes and their content, but in the end she decided to give them to "boys and girls." I think that she'll understand the concept of giving to someone less fortunate a little better next year. The process was fun and painless. We'll be sure to do it again.

Check out the arm full of silly bandz in the last picture. Is she blessed or what?

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