Sunday, September 26, 2010

Resolve Pet Stain Cleaner

Just when I thought we were rounding a corner in this potty training business, today happened--a day with a flurry of accidents both muddy and wet. Kenly is having a few issues with putting her poo in the potty. I think the sensation freaks her out a bit, so she cries that her hiney hurts and then refuses to relax enough to get any relief.

I hate watching her be uncomfortable.

So today I am thankful for Resolve Pet Stain cleaner and a large stack of 2T underwear and training pants.

I'm also thankful that Adam was home to help run interference when I needed to be cleaning a puddle or starting laundry.

Even though I'm feeling a little like a sewage treatment facility right now, I know I'm going to miss these days.

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