Monday, September 6, 2010

Learning Lightroom 3

I've been wanting to play with Lightroom 3 for awhile now, but real life keeps me from playing for an extensive period of time. All I can say is that I am hooked. I need to sign up for a class in photo/video editing because I could do this for a living. Talk about fun.

Kenly and I met Ava and Meghan at a park off of Sweeten Creek about a week ago. I took this picture of Kenly playing music. With the exception of her blurry hand, I was please with the straight out of the camera shot.
MckMama wrote a blog about some of her editing this weekend, so I used some of her settings and a few of my own. With about 20 minutes of editing, I was able to produce this warm, colorful version of the original.

And now I'm in so much trouble. Laundry might never make it to the washer again.


MckMama said...

I love it!!! And it's way more important to edit photos than to do laundry go for it!! :) Thanks a ton for sending me the link so I could check out your photo!!

Brittany Nicole said...

Wow I LOVE the lighting difference with the editing you made! Could make for great framed photos and gifts for family around the holidays! Good work!