Thursday, September 23, 2010

Labor Day (Finally)

Labor Day was a blast in the Brand household. It was the most "normal" weekend I can remember since Kenly was born. Before she came along, Adam and I kept a break-neck pace. She's forced us to slow down just a little, and we're grateful. This weekend was super, but exhausting. I've been playing with the photos on Lightroom 3, so I'm a bit behind posting everything. On Friday, Kenly and I went to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville almost as soon as it opened. We walked around and listened to a few performers. Kenly danced in the street and marveled at the balloons. I paid for some apple slices and caramel. While I ate, Kenly climbed around one of the many bears that line Main Street.

As I was taking this picture she was screaming, "Look at me, Mommy,"
This kids' ride is free, so I put Kenly in the yellow barrel and thought she'd have a blast. I was wrong.
See her looking back at me with panic in her eyes. Two second after I snapped this picture, Kenly started wailing, and the driver had to turn around so I could remove her. When we went back to the festival on Saturday Kenly announced, "I not gonna ride the scary tractor." Okay.
On Saturday she was able to get her arm painted. We picked a ladybug because Kenly loves ladybugs. She waited patiently in line and sat oh-so still while the lady painted. The artist said she could paint for hours if every child smiled as sweet as Kenly.
Pretty good bug, huh?
We watched several bands/dance companies perform near the courthouse. Kenly danced her heart out. She'd even try to imitate the dancers on stage. At one point, a sweet old man approached us and squatted down.
Old Man: How old is she?
Us: She turned two in August.
Old Man: If she doesn't become a professional dancer, I'd say she's missed her calling.

Kenly enjoyed a candy balloon (sucker) while watching the performers.
It wouldn't be Hendersonville's Apple Festival without a rock, some "face paint," and an apple cider sipper.

Kenly was too small for most of the kids' attractions, so we just let her explore. She saw this huge, inflatable slide that was shaped like a tree and thought it was Madame Blueberry's house. If you have kids who watch Veggie Tales, you know all about Madame Blueberry's house. Kenly and Adam knocked on the tree and asked her to come down, but they determined that she wasn't at home.

On Sunday evening, we decided to take Kenly to the Blueridge Parkway for a sunset dinner. I packed Kenly's dinner, and Adam and I picked up some Taco Bell.

Kenly got her first shot at walking Chance. She loved feeling the power of being in charge. I think Chance was groaning the entire time. Adam was close at all time just in case.
After dinner, we hiked to the lower falls at Graveyard Fields on the Parkway. Kenly did pretty well in her chariot.

She enjoyed picking out rocks to throw with Daddy.
Once we finished the quick hike, we drove to the nearest overlook to catch what was left of the sunset. Kenly danced on the "stage" to the music we were playing in the car. I think we might have a little performer on our hands.
Adam staged this shot by placing the camera on the car. I love it. A family photo is so rare. The only bummer is that Chance isn't in this one. He'd off exploring somewhere right behind us.
Kenly had a tough ride home. She was tired and it was dark. I didn't pack her binky, so she whined for her binky the whole ride home. After potty training is done, the binky is going to have an unfortunate accident with a pair of scissors.

On Monday morning, we decided to do a hike to Wintergreen Fall in Dupont State Forest. It was a nice hike even though it was a bit buggy. When we got to the falls, we let Kenly run around naked. They'll be no pictures of her nakedness though.
Even Benny Bunny enjoyed the hike. At one point I realized he was missing. I had to jog about 1/4 mile to find him. Apparently he thought it would be nice to base jump out of the pack for a closer look at nature.
Here is my favorite shot of Wintergreen Falls. The falls are off the trail. There's even a swimming hole at the base.

I love this shot of Kenly playing with the water in Adam's hands. It makes me smile and think of the old country song--Daddy's Hands.
At the end of the hike, Kenly got to frolic in a field of tall grass. She had a time playing. Her favorite part of the hike was throwing acorns for the crows to eat.

To top off a great day, Kenly got to pet a horse before we got in the car to go home.

Labor Day was fun. It was great to have Adam for a long weekend. It was even better to have some quality family time. I think Kenly's going to grow up with an adventurous spirit. She'll have to if she wants to keep up.

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