Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Mr. Snoodlerella

While at her check-up, Kenly had to have her finger pricked for a hemoglobin and lead test. She never cried. In fact, she told the nurse what finger she wanted to use, and she patiently endured the squeezing required during the process. Adam was sick quite frequently as a child which meant visits to the doctor and plenty of shots. Mops and Pops always let him get a fish for the aquarium if he was brave. Adam and I talked it over and decided that Kenly could have a fish if she was really brave. She passed the test with flying colors. So, meet the newest member of our family--Mr. Snoodlerella.

Kenly received the newest VeggieTale movie (Sweetpea Beauty) for her birthday. This video features a female character named Snoodlerella. When we asked Kenly what she wanted to name the fish, she picked Snoodlerella. Since the fish is a male Betta, Adam and I dubbed him Mr. Snoodlerella. She loves her fish. Feeding him is one of the highlights of her day. Now if I can just keep him alive. I have a bad track record with fish.

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