Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WNC Nature Center--A "beary" cool adventure

Last week Kenly and I went on a playdate with Meghan and Ava to the WNC Nature Center. It's a laid back, zoo-like place in Asheville. Kenly went last summer, but she was too small to really "get it." This time she was all about the animals. I think the bears were her favorite. On Sunday when I picked her up from nursery, Jill asked, "Has she seen a bear recently?" Apparently she had been telling Jill all morning that she saw a bear. Anyways...I digress.

Kenly went down the river otter slide all by herself. What a brave girl.

I think she bears were her favorite because they are big and easy to see.
I loved this bear's pose. Foot propped on the tree. Hugging the root like a security blanket. Soaking up the sunshine. Yeah, he's in a cage, but I don't think he hates his life.
Ava and Kenly had fun driving the tractor in the farm area. Kenly also bravely approached the goats in the petting zoo.
I think they have decided to be friend. It's a good thing too. Meghan and I were going to hang out even if they decided otherwise.
Nothing says a trip to the zoo like a lady bug tattoo.

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