Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camping Gatlinburg, TN Style

After Easter, we decided to meet Nana and Papa just outside of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park for some camping. We stayed at Crazy Horse Campground just outside of Gatlinburg, TN. We had a blast playing in the great outdoors and taking in some of the more touristy attractions that abound in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

We set up the screen room and Pop Secret for our Monday-Saturday stay. I feel bad for Adam. He gets stuck setting everything up while I keep Kenly from risking life and limb at every turn. Looks homey, huh?

Kenly likes to swing in the hammock with Daddy. Nana and Papa were our next door neighbors for the week.
Kenly got to dive into another Easter basket that Nana and Papa brought for her. She had a blast finding all her new trinkets.
Kenly spent some time showing off her artistic ability by adding some graffiti to a large boulder that sat between our two campsites.
Papa joined the action and drew Kenly a rabbit. Every time I let her use sidewalk chalk now, she tells me she is drawing a rabbit. While we were there, she started drawing wildly--a strange concoction of squiggles and lines. When she finished, I asked her what she drew. She looked at me like I was dense and said, "A bunny."
We only had one rainy day while camping, so we decided to make the most of it by going to the Ripley's aquarium in Gatlinburg. Most of the pictures we have from the day turned out poorly because it was so dark. By this point in the trip, Kenly had a cold, so she was not the happiest of all campers. We enjoyed seeing the fish and splashing in water until we could take no more.
The people moving sidewalk is really neat at this aquarium. You can just relax and look instead of worrying about fighting the crowd.

If I didn't have three chins, I would really like this picture. Oh well.
Papa let Kenly "touch the horseshoe crabs" as many times as she wanted to. Kenly never touched a crab, but she had a time soaking Papa and herself.

One evening we ventured into Pigeon Forge for a little fun. Papa, Adam, and I had a blast racing each other in go-carts. We did both the raised track and the pro track. All I can say is that I've gotten soft. Until this trip, Adam had NEVER beat me in go-cart racing. He beat me four time this trip. I had to hang my head in shame. Papa and I know he cheats. :)

While we were battling it out on the track, Nana took Kenly on any ride she wanted to go on. Apparently her favorite ride was the tea cups. I only have video of her in the flying dinos with Nana. Nana, bless her soul, rode about 12 of these rides with Kenly. I think Adam and I are going to have to start saving now for the NC Mountain State Fair. Kenly was in heaven.

Other trip highlights include, but are not limited to....

...fly fishing in Smokey Mountain National Park. I caught two native rainbow trout. They were beautiful. Adam fished several times.

...enjoying a date with my husband. Nana and Papa took Kenly back to the campground and let Adam and I race some more. We also played mini-golf.

...playing on the playground with Nana, Papa, and Kenly.

...watching Papa and Kenly feed the fish in the pond.

...eating yummy food.

...sleeping two nights in Pop Secret without Kenly. Nana and Papa took night duty when it turned cold.

...spending time with family.

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