Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Are you so lazy that you sometimes wipe your own nose with the Kleenex you just used to rid your child's face of snot? Do you find yourself wondering how your child's sippy cup found its way into the hamper? Well, join the crowd. Celebrate your imperfections with me and everyone else over on MckMama's blog.

Every window in my house does not look like this. My daughter is not responsible for the smear that look strangely like dog snot. I would never leave this mess because it is futile to clean it. How does my daughter create this mess? Glad you asked...
I would never photograph my daughter licking the windows in my house. Nope, not me. I would never let her do something so gross and unsanitary. I always guide and direct when I see inappropriate behavior.
My child has not picked up some strange diapering methods. She does not try to put the diaper on her baby's head.
I do not have clue how Kenly got these Wolverine-like scratches on her angelic face. I'm always attentive, watching my child's every move. She never comes to me with strange marks I can't quite explain.
I did not pay $5.00 for Kenly to play at a bounce house only to have her spend most of the morning playing on a toy that she can play with at home. Nope, my child is always up for adventure.

What have you not been up to this week?


Emily said...

HA! The scratches and the riding toy are familiar to me!! funny post!

Shannon said...

I have pics of Jeremiah licking our front door :). I'll post them on my blog just for you. But it has to wait.