Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adventures in Dating

Adam has a way of making my birthdays memorable. Since we've been dating, he's managed to make it snow on almost every one of my birthdays. He's powerful like that. On my 30th birthday, we slid off a mountain trying to go sledding. We should have listened to Chance; he was whining in the back seat. He know it was a bad idea. So I guess I should have know that taking off on Friday, February 12, my 34th birthday, while snow was falling was not a good idea. But hey, I live for adventure.

Adam's school closed two hours early on the 12th, but he couldn't get home until a little after three. We couldn't leave any earlier anyways because the Brands couldn't get here until around 4:00, and lets face it, Kenly is not responsible enough to watch herself. Chance is a good big brother, but he's a bit inattentive, so we needed to wait for our loving childcare to arrive. Adam pulled into our treacherous ice-rink--I mean driveway--so that we could pack up. As he did, he got stuck. It took him about 20 minutes to free the truck from the icy grip of the driveway. Mops and Pops pulled in, and we loving tossed the child in their direction so we could get on the road. Seeing as we live up a knoll/mountain, we knew if we made it out of the neighborhood we'd be safe. Well, we nearly plummeted to our death (okay, I'm being dramatic) three times as we ventured down the hill. We decided we'd try to make it all the way to Blowing Rock, NC, but we need to be realistic. Road conditions were iffy, it was slowly getting dark, and snow was still blowing around. We traveled slowly and in 4-wheel drive to try and avoid an incidents. Because we are older and wiser than we once were, we decided to stop in Hickory for the night. We wanted to live through our romantic get-a-way. We got off on what we thought would be a busy highway only to find nothing, and I mean NOTHING. After driving about 5 miles we came to our first major intersection with buildings and lights, and THEN.....

....BAM. We were rear-ended by a sweet teenage girl trying to keep a package from falling off her passenger seat. If you think I'm joking, here's a picture of the police cruiser to prove it.
Adam is such a good sport....he's smiling through it all. I didn't realize it until later, but the police officer's name was Officer Pain. Is that not funny?
We have to wait 45 minutes for the cop to arrive, issue a citation, and write an accident report. B this time the road conditions have gone from iffy to downright nasty. So, we set off for Lenoir, NC. We never go above 30 MPH for the 12-15 miles we had to travel. We stop at the first hotel we come to, a Days Inn. Room 103 never looked so good. Night one of our romantic getaway was spent eating Papa John's pizza and watching the opening ceremonies to the winter Olympics. At about 10:00PM, Adam and I both took a Vicodin and went to sleep. Before you think we are druggies, you should know that Adam's back was still funky, and I had a root canal the day before. Joy oh joy!
We woke up, ate at Bojangles and headed to Blowing Rock. Pops set us up with a condo at Chetola Resort. It was beautiful. See for yourself....

Jacuzzi tub...need I say more?
We went sledding...believe it or not, this is the only picture I have of both of us from the weekend.

We went sledding for about an hour. We split a yummy lunch at Glidewell's. We had an amazing dinner at the Manor House. Adam bought me awesome chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, and a bottle of wine for my birthday. We watched more Olympics. On Sunday we had to be home by 4:00, so we took time to sled again (without the baby and a dog who goes psycho trying to save us from the sled) and then ate a yummy lunch at Storie Street Grille. Adam took me home using the scenic routes. It turned out to be an awesome, relaxing weekend full of romance and adventure, despite the rocky start. Awesome Adam and Radical Rhonda made the most of their time away.

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Janna Barber said...

You guys ARE radical and awesome! Glad you were able to make it and had such a good time.