Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boy am I Behind

I think I have to give myself the title of slacker. It is nearly February, and I'm just now posting the rest of our Christmas pictures. I guess chasing a 17 month old and dealing with yet another computer virus gives some some excuse, but...

We went to Tampa to hang out at Pops's time share for a week. Kenly was a trooper on the flight down there, and she loved her new "home" and the new box of toys we rented from Traveling Baby. She slept in the lock-off with us, and she was not a very good roommate. She would wake up at all hours, stand up in her crib, and say, "Mama. Dada." If we ignored her, she would ask for Paula, Jason, Mops, or Pops. I had to take her on a tour of the condo on several occasions to prove to her that she was not missing a thing. This backfired on a few occasion. Once we bumped into Mops on her way to the potty. And on another occasion she wanted to play with the "baboons" and streamers that were hanging for Paula's surprise birthday party. Oh well.

Kenly loved taking walks on the beach. She lead the charge every time, and she wasn't out for a slow stroll either. She was moving.
We went to a rescue aquarium to see Winter the dolphin. Kenly had fun looking at the fish. She's giving forehead love to the turtle.
The Brand girls watching the dolphins performing.
Uncle Jason showing Kenly a starfish.
Swimming in the pool is fun, especially with yellow and purple.
I think Kenly would have lived on the balcony if we would have let her.
Pops bought Kenly a cool tunnel to play in. It was a huge hit.
Look Mama....a new hiding place.
Snuggling with Mops is great.
Dada and I loved racing my "new-borrowed" toys down a ramp.

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