Sunday, October 4, 2009

Real Men Wear Glitter

On Saturday, Adam took Kenly and me to the Scarecrow Festival. Kenly had her first "face painting" experience while there. She sat in Daddy's lap while a very patient lady painted a pumpkin on her arm. She did remarkably well. I thought there would be wiggling and screaming, but I think the intrigue kept her glued to her seat. She wanted to know what in the world was happening to her arm.
After the pumpkin was perfected, the sweet lady added sparkles. What girl doesn't like sparkles? Kenly loved the sparkles. She grinned from ear-to-ear.
We walked down to the lake and watched the geese. Kenly and Daddy played, giggled, and played some more. In the end, Adam was wearing all of Kenly's sparkles on his face. He looked good in sparkles. Some men would have washed their faces immediately or squealed like little girls....get them off of me. Not Adam. He wore his sparkles with pride--a badge of honor announcing that he's a proud daddy to a sparkly little girl.
Kenly and Adam will be tight. I'm sure he'll do a million things he never imagined just to see her smile. That's what strong men do for their girls.

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Leigh Ann said...

that reminded me of my cousin who has 2 little girls and he has a pink ballerina magnet on his car instead of some manly magnet and though he is highly ridiculed by the guys it is his badge of honor for his sweet! I agree Adam is both a good daddy and great're a lucky lady! :)