Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hilton Head Happiness

Adam and I just got back from Hilton Head Island a few days ago. Kenly's been to the beach twice already, but she was too young both times to truly appreciate all it has to offer. She discovered just how fun the beach could be on this trip. She woke up and wouldn't settle until we took her outside for some fun. First, let me start by saying that the ever generous Pops provided the week in a condo free of charge, so thank you Pops for the much needed retreat from reality. Adam, Kenly, and I enjoyed Sunday through Thursday as an almost complete family pod. Chance was not allowed in the condo, so he stayed at "camp" with our friend Jeremy and his lovely dog Emma. On Thursday evening, Mops came up to visit and she stayed with us until we left on Sunday. We loved visiting with her, and she allowed up some adult time at the beach. We took walks, ate ice cream, and even went on a date without Kenly. Who knew lunch and Transformers 2 could be so fun? Adam and I were actually bummed by the movie, but we managed to make the most of it. Sequels rarely measure up anyways. So here's some of the fun we had at Hilton Head.

Adam created and cooked the most amazing chicken kabobs I've ever had in my entire life. They could make you smack your mama if she tried to steal a bite. The kabobs had mushrooms, yellow squash, tomato, red pepper, onion, and of course chicken. We ate until we were about to pop. Even Kenly wanted in on the action, but we were too stingy to share. Never fear...she'd already eaten a full meal before we every did. I would never withhold food from my child if I thought she'd actually eat it. Right now she tends to play with and wear her food. Every one in awhile, she actually ingests some.
If she had the strength, Kenly would have walked the length of the beach and back again.
We've tried Kenly in a few pools now, but she hasn't been a fan. But, the 100 degree heat index taught Kenly that cool water is sometimes refreshing and comfortable. If we walked anywhere near the kiddie pool, we had to stick her feet in. She liked the big pool too.
After sitting through a time share presentation, we managed to score $60 fun money. Kenly got to spend $20 of the money since she had to sit through the presentation too. For once we didn't have to deal with any high pressure from the salesman. He couldn't find anything we could afford, so he sent us off with all our prizes. Score one for being poorer than we've ever been. So, Kenly bought some swim diapers, some sand toys, and even tossed her spare change toward her parents for a beach umbrella. What a practical child...
We needed to escape the mid-day heat, so we went to Adventure Cove to play some Skee Ball. Kenly tried her hand at a kiddie version and did really well. We didn't get enough tickets to buy anything more exciting than a Whoopie Cushion, so we gave our tickets to some little boy.

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