Saturday, April 25, 2009

Myrtle Beach

Adam, Kenly, Chance, and I all went camping at Myrtle Beach over Spring Break. Yep....that's right. We took our 8 month old tent camping, and it wasn't nearly as challenging as we thought it would be. It was tough, but manageable. It was nice to Have Nana and Papa around to help as well. The week was really cool and rainy to start off with, but me made the best of it. I think I gained 8 pounds with all the eating we did. Adam and I ate steamed oysters twice. Nana and Papa took really good care of us--feeding us every meal, cleaning up after every meal, and letting us run away for a much needed date night. I even got to eat every meal sitting down--a rarity at our house.

Nana and Papa bought Kenly a bucket for the beach. There was only one day warm enough for Kenly to play on the beach. She liked the sand, but she still wasn't a big fan of the water.
Kenly and Nana playing on the beach. I don't know who had more fun.
Papa saved Kenly from a hot tent. She's showing her gratitude to her knight in shining armor.

Walking on the boardwalk after visiting the nature center.

Kenly loved walking on the beach when she could ride on her Daddy's shoulders.

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