Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Kenly loves to read her mail. She is fascinated with any type of paper. Most of the time she just sorts it and crumples it, but she always tries to eat it. One time I gave her an index card to entertain her while we were visiting Adam at school. There were 10 minutes until lunch, and I didn't want her to disturb his students. She started chewing on the paper, and I didn't think anything of it until I realized that two corners were gone. I had to fish for the paper. Some of it was stuck to the roof of her mouth. I love this picture. Adam did an awesome job. The weather was so nice in Ellijay on Saturday that we were able to take Kenly out for a photo shoot in nothing but a diaper.
The girls...
Again, Adam did an awesome job of catching Kenly in action. I don't think a pro could have done better. She loves this airplane block.
Can you see her little teeth? She is trying to get a few more, but she has been unsuccessful so far.


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! I just want to eat her up! She is so dang cute! And those first two teeth are always adorable :) So where are the rest of the diaper pics?

Jennaug10 said...

Rhonda, she is simply gorgeous! She looks so much like you!