Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Nonie

This past weekend Adam and I went to Ellijay, Ga for two reasons. The first reason was to get some much needed rest and relaxation after the grueling two weeks we just endured. Adam sent of his National Board Portfolio on March 31st at 5:00 PM. We were both happy to bid it farewell. Now all Adam has to do is take SIX tests in May and then we W-A-I-T for what seems like forever to find out results. He won't know anything until next November. If he gets certified, and I feel confident that he will, he will get a 12% pay raise, and we're all for more money. The second reason we went to Ellijay was to celebrate Aunt Nonie's 79th birthday which is actually today. We headed to Atlanta and took Kenly to brunch with the Brand clan. It was a lovely day full of good times. Kenly even behaved like an angel. I think it was the steady supply of "puffs" I was giving her, but hey, whatever works to keep her from screaming in the formal dining room. Nonie enjoyed showing her off to all her friends, and I enjoyed watching so many people enjoy her.

Kenly loved Mops's necklace. Not because it was so beautiful, but because it was so darn yummy and good to chew on. From the look on Mops's face, I don't think she had a problem with the little teether at all.
Kenly thought it would be fun to have her first driving lesson on Aunt Nonie's scooter this weekend. She really wanted to take off around the block. Doesn't it look like she has a Mr. T mohawk in this photo? Adam says she has his hairline.
Aunt Nonie helped keep Kenly entertained at brunch by playing with the beloved goldfinch. Kenly adores this toy that was provided by Mops and Pops.
Mops and Kenly had a fun time playing on the floor with baby. You can see that goldfinch is never far away.

Aunt Nonie finally got to hold Kenly for awhile. Look at Kenly's chunky thigh. I could just take a bite out of it.

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