Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Value of Life

Today Adam and I met with our State Farm Insurance agent to talk about life insurance. We know preparing "just in case" is the responsible thing to do, but we almost feel like we are tempting fate. Our agent was wonderful, and we don't feel totally confused any more, but the whole thought process is really rather morbid. I hate the thought of putting a monetary value on Adam's life, on our unborn child's life, or on my own life. It feel creepy and unnatural. Regardless of the formula an agent uses to find the magic money number, the dollars and cents could never replace Adam or prepare me for life without him. You can't buy him with money...he's worth too much. So, I'm glad we went through the process, and we're going to join the millions of other people who prepare "just in case", but I don't have to like the thought or the process. I do have to be grown up and responsible for the sake of our child even though all I really want to do is keep playing in the fun and adventurous life of make believe.

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